15" Flat Blood Wood Chess Board - Square Size 1.5"

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What's Included

  • 15" Flat Chess Board

Algebraic Notations: Without Notations

Algebraic Notations: Without Notations
Without Notations
Engraved Algebraic Notations
Inlaid Algebraic Notations
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House of Chess presents a high-quality limited edition hand Inlaid Flat Chess Board in the combination of Blood Wood and Maple Wood with strong natural grains.

These Gorgeous Limited edition Blood Wood Chess boards are inlaid by inlay specialists who have won accolades for their perfection. All 4 sides and corners of these chess boards have rounded edges to provide a modish look which is hardly available anywhere else with other chess boards.

These chess boards represent outstanding value for the money you spend as they are exceptionally high in quality and appeal. The board provides a robust playing surface for generations to come. The board is heavy and well-finished which makes it suitable for any luxury set. The high-quality wood used in these chessboards provides an awesome appearance.

The playing surface of the board has semi-gloss lacquer and a hand-rubbed finish which makes the playable area smooth.

The anti-slippery billiard cloth felt has been applied on the back of the Chess board which increases the stability of the board while playing.

15" (38cm) Board with Square 1.5" (38mm) is Suitable for King Base: 0.98" (25mm) to 1.10" (28mm)

Board Size15"x15" (38cm)
Square Size1.5" (38mm)
Suitable for King Base0.98" (25mm) to 1.10" (28mm)