Magnetic Chess Set Globe Design Artistic Pieces 3" & Folding Chess Board 14" Blood Wood/Maple

$124.95 – $134.95

In Brief

  • 32 Chess Pieces
  • 2 Extra Queens
  • Leather Cover

Algebraic Notations: Without Notations

Algebraic Notations: Without Notations
Without Notations
Engraved Notations
$134.95 $124.95
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The hand carving of Globe design is an extra ordinary and you can't get this unique artistic chess set from elsewhere. This is one of the esteemed package deal specially meant for Christmas Gifts , Father's day gift , graduation gifts and birthday present etc. You will be delighted with the superb craftsmanship of this premium chess set. Chess pieces are magnetic, cushioned with green cloth pads, and come packaged in beautiful folding chess board & presentation box.
Globe Design Chess Pieces: The folding magnetic Chess board / presentation box comes with hand carved Bloodwood / Boxwood Globe Design chess pieces which are fitted with super strong magnets at their base and green felted.
Fine Quality Bloodwood: Fine quality Bloodwood has been used for dark chess pieces. All the chess pieces are hand carved and hand buffed finished.
Inlaid Chess Board: The chess board has been hand inlaid in Bloodwood/White Maple by master craftsmen who know the real art of inlay work. Underneath there is a metal sheet in the board which attracts the chess pieces and never let them fall even if the board is held in upside down position.
Special Storage Sections: The specialty of this box is that there are 2 storage sections (1) Left section (2) Right section and each section has EP Foam tray which has been designed according to the shape of the chess pieces. There are 17 cut outs in each section where the chess pieces are stored.
The EP foam is specially meant for protective packaging of sensitive high value items. The green velvet has been applied on the surface of foam with special process which gives the feeling of velvety touch.
2 Extra Queens: 2 Extra Queens are provided free of cost with this exclusive magnetic chess set
Premium Leather Cover: Premium quality of simulated leather cover is being provided free of cost with every purchase. The case gives extra protection from scratch and mishandling of chess board while traveling etc.