Magnetic Galaxy Rosewood 3" Chess Set + 15" Chess Board with Algebraic Notation + Extra 2 Queens, 4 Derby Knights and 2 Pawns

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In Brief

  • 32 Chess Pieces
  • 2 Extra Queens
  • 4 Extra Knights
  • 2 Extra Pawns
  • Velvet Case
  • Inlaid Algebraic Notations
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House of Chess presents magnetic chess set in Rosewood with 4 pull out Storage drawers, 2 extra queens, 4 extra Derby knights and 2 extra pawns. The Square Chess board has been hand inlaid in wood combination of Rosewood and Maple wood.
3" Galaxy Staunton design Chess pieces have been hand carved in Genuine Rosewood and Boxwood with beveled bases. All the chess pieces are magnetic.
High powered magnets hold the chess pieces strongly when placed on the chess board and never let them fall while traveling or playing. The pieces don't fall even if the box is held in upside down position.

Inlaid Algebraic Notations : The Chess board has algebraic notations on the borders which are inlaid in white maple on rosewood. We do not use screen paint or colors.

40 Chess Pieces Set : The normal chess set is consisted of 32 pieces but our Galaxy Chess set is consisted of 40 chess pieces. You are getting extra 2 queens, 4 derby knights and 2 pawns as mentioned earlier.

The chess board/box has 4 pull out storage drawers and each player has 2 separate front facing drawers to store the chess pieces. Each drawer is having high powered magnetic lock which holds the drawer tightly when it is in closed position. Each drawer has individual brass knob specially designed for strong gripping.

Protective Bag for Chess Board : We are providing Padded Chess Board Storage bag with Velcro lock for the protection of chess board/box.

The foam inserts have been cut according to the shape of chess pieces and store the chess pieces steadily.
The thin velvet felt has been applied on the bottom of chess pieces after inserting the magnets into the drilled holes. The chess pieces can be moved on the board without damaging the board surface because of the felt.

Designed and crafted by Pleasant Times Industries.