Travel Chess Set Magnetic Push Drawer 10" With Inserts Golden Rosewood/Maple

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In Brief

  • 32 Chess Pieces
  • Leather Cover
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Flat Magnetic Travel Chess Set, box and drawer in Golden Rosewood - one of the hottest selling item and an ideal gift for chess lovers. The flat chess board on top - this chess set has drawer underneath equipped with EP Foam chessmen inserts. The magnet power passes through the wooden board attracted by the metal sheet which holds the chess pieces tightly and never let them fall while in traveling or playing. And that's why we call it as perfect magnetic travel chess set.!!.
Every Chess piece fits into the special Insert which has been made according to the shape of the chess pieces. The Insert is made of EP Foam specially meant for protection of pieces.
The Chess pieces are hand carved in Staunton Design in the combination of Golden Rosewood/Boxwood and special lacquer coating has been applied on all the chess pieces which are stored inside the box.
High Powered Magnets have been inserted inside the chess pieces by drilling hole in every chess piece. The strong magnet power doesn't let the chess piece fall even if the box is held in upside down position. Thin Green soft Velvet Felt has been applied on the chess pieces and the magnet power easily passes through the felt without loosing it's Strength.