Wood Pegged Chess Set Inlaid Board Inside & Pieces Rosewood/Maple 6"x4"

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In Brief

  • 32 Pegged Chess Pieces
  • 2 sided pegs standing spac
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This Rectangular pegged Chess is the hottest selling item because of it's compactness and light in weight, can easily be put into coat's pocket. The game can be stopped and played at any time without disturbing the move because the chess pieces stand inside the box which can be closed at any time.

Take this set with you wherever you go. The convenient pegged styling makes this set easy to take with you everywhere. If you are in the middle of a game and have to quit you can close the case and your pieces will stay intact. The box opens to display a beautifully crafted chess board and chess men. The men have pegs on the bottom to ensure their placement when traveling on the bumpiest roads.

The designs you see on this site are designed by our experienced and dedicated artisans. In many sets a single knight takes two days to produce. These designs are painstaking and any faulty pieces are discarded so that the quality is maintained. Many of the chess sets are unique and made in India where there is a rich heritage of mathematics and related cranial games like chess. Some stores have chess sets made in China which are economical but don't have detail, quality, or the finesse of design that good Indian chess sets have. Some of the sets available from House of Chess are the best available throughout the world and have such intricacy and quality in the chess set that the playing of the game results in much pleasure through the beauty of the pieces, quality of the artisanship and excellence of the boards.