Wooden Folding Chess Set / Board - 14" in Ringy Rosewood with Galaxy Staunton 2.75" Weighted Chess Pieces in Ebony Wood + 2 Extra Queens & Pawns + Algebraic Notation

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In Brief

  • 32 Chess Pieces
  • 2 Extra Queens
  • 2 Extra Pawns
  • Engraved Algebraic Notations
  • Velvet Pouch with Logo
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House of Chess presents beveled based Galaxy Staunton weighted chess pieces with king height 2.75" (6.98 cm) stored in 14" x 14" Chess Board / Storage box inlaid in Ringy Rosewood (Acacia Rhodoxylon) / Maple wood.
The chess set package consists of Galaxy Staunton Chess pieces in Ebony wood and Boxwood with matching folding board inlaid in Ringy Rosewood & Maple wood with engraved standard Algebraic Notation.
Our Galaxy Staunton knight has been hand carved with distinctive features. The strong body and amazing eyes create a star looking expression that gives this knight its name.
One of the best high-quality chess set with the board having a square size of 1.5". The pieces can be played over the board with full stability because of it's heavy weighting feature and moreover the chess pieces have billiard cloth green pads on the bottom which protects the board surface from any kind of abrasion.
All the chess pieces are individually hand polished with buffing wheel resulting in semi-gloss soft sheen. The set comes with 2 extra queens and 2 extra pawns. The king measures 2.75" in height with a base diameter of 1".
The Chess board has engraved algebraic notation on the borders and packed in velvet case which protects from scratches and mishandling. The foam inserts are cut according to the shape of chess pieces and each chess piece fits perfectly into its slot without moving to any other direction. We do not use any kind of screen paint or colors.
The approximate weight of the complete chess set is 1.5 Kg (3.306 lbs) (Chess pieces + Chess board).
If you really love chess, you deserve this chess set.